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Fund Description
To assist those who can't otherwise afford to attend youth group events.
To enhance the knowledge, appreciation, and reverence which the CBI congregants have for Jewish traditions and lore. Fund Scholar-In-Residence weekends.
Donations to help pay down mortgage of Education Building.
To supplement Brotherhood with additional needs for programs, assist Brotherhood members with leadership development, and provide scholarship for youth camp and Israel trips.
Brotherhood membership dues
Improvements and repairs of physical facilities.
Temple grounds and gardens, as determined by Sisterhood
Welcoming the newest of CBI members with baby gift bags (including crocheted baby blankets). Providing meals for members in need or sick. Coordinating visits with sick/infirmed members.
Provides traditional Jewish Burial services for families in our community who choose to follow the practice of taharah (ritual purification for burial). Chevra Kadisha members also serve as shomrim.
Dedicated to giving respite in a warm and loving environment to those who care for loved ones living with Alzheimer's disease.
Fund youth to attend overnight summer camps.
Assist elderly, infirm or in need of aid and comfort; assist those who suffer loss because of natural disasters.
Improvements and Upgrades to the children's playground.
Scholarship for youth to attend Jewish summer experiences, like overnight camps and trips to Israel.
Psychiatric, psychological, and mental health services to members of CBI
Maintenance, promotion, and expansion of religious instruction of the young people attending CBI religious school.
Only through the generosity of our members, we are blessed to provide Onegs after Shabbat services. Please consider making a donation so we may continue to host these wonderful times together.
Supplement the budgeted activities of the CBI religious school.
Major repair to the physical facilities and equipment of extraordinary expense
Purchase and repair of prayerbooks.
Donations towards Religious School Fees for families that can't afford to pay.
To supplement Sisterhood with additional needs for programs, assist Sisterhood members with leadership development, and provide scholarship for youth camp and Israel trips.
Sisterhood membership dues ($36, $50, $75, $100, $500, $1000; Seniors $25)
For youth education teachers.
Inclusion fund that helps religious school be accessible to all learners.